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Little Richard is on the wall (1)
The tutti fruttiest egg of them all (2)
The king and the queen of rock and roll, the originator (3)

And The Sandman is the captain of the walrusbird guard (4)
See, the walrusbirds keep the dragons in their lair (5)
Where the queen of hearts will give you a run for her money (6)
She’s a dragoness with ferocious footwear (7)
And a fondness for red roses (8)

Ferocious footwear
Red roses
Ferocious footwear
Red roses

Little Richard is also partial to the red ones (9)
Don’t they have a certain charm about them (10)
Uhuh, well, the walrusbirds are partial to the white ones (11)
How unfortunate, how unfortunate (12)

So they devise a little plot, Richard and the Queen of Hearts
To rectify the roses, to stage a diversion
Cause all the world's a stage (13)
He would do a little song and dance charade
He’s got a wonderful voice you see, captivating (14)

And in the meanwhile
The queen of hearts would bring out a few red rose bushes
And plant them along the wall (15)
Just to add a little touch of color, you know
Just to show what life could be with red roses among us

Well, she gets a little overzealous and the rose situation spirals out of control
And the walrusbirds begin to notice
Oh no
Oh no

She attempts a retreat, but alas it is all too late
The war of the roses has already begun
The wrath of the walrusbirds ignited
And they are not happy
Not happy

So naturally she does what any good dragon queen would do in such a situation
She swoops in to extract her ally from the clear and present danger
At which point she gets shot down (16)
Bang bang
Shot down
Bang bang

She hits the ground and falls into the wall
Where our favorite eggman has been putting on quite the show
And well, he might’ve been all right with a little rumble tumble
But he’s a bit on the tipsy side you see
He’s been sipping on a jar of cherry moonshine (17)
So he slips and trips over the edge
Spilling his beverage all over kingdom come

And well, the queen of hearts, she might've been all right with a couple shots through the heart
But now her glorious boots are covered in cherry moonshine
So she has lost the will to live
She lets out a final sigh, her last firebreath
Lighting up everything around her in moonshine flames

And the cannons along the wall go off one by one
And the munitions house goes up in a grand explosion
And all the kings horses and all the kings men
And all of the walrusbirds and dragons in the land
And all of the roses and all of the eggmen
Are turned to skeletons (18)

Ferocious footwear
Red roses
Ferocious footwear
Red roses (19)

Little Richard was on the wall
Little Richard had a great fall
The king and the queen of rock and roll
May he live forever (20)

When something falls apart
How do you even start
To put the pieces back again
And will it ever be
The way it used to be
And will you dream again (21)


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