You are in the prologue to a storyworld journey taking place in the world of HEMISPHERES. This zone is called "The In Betweens", where we begin our journey into the dreamworld; where we close our eyes and begin the adventure into the deep recesses of the mind. As in any story, the beginning is the most rewarding place to start - so perhaps try The Hallway of Your Mindseye if you haven't been there yet.

Here is a complete Map of the In Betweens. It's more fun if you figure out how to get around yourself, so this map won't teleport you.
We can only speculate at this point in the story, but she seems to be some sort of dream priestess who is leading us on a journey of psyche and spirit. Before falling into her deep slumber, Merry Ellen Kirk used to speak of how she dreamt the song "Rise Up Against". In the dream it was being performed by a woman who was everything that MEK wanted to be, but didn't think she was. She woke up and felt inferior to the woman and the song, but decided to finish writing and recording it anyway, and it became her most well-loved song and opened many doors. Maybe she can help you open some doors too.

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It most certainly does. This story has sprouted organically out of the HEMISPHERES EP series as well as all of the music of Merry Ellen Kirk, so you'll find references throughout the journey to various songs. You can find a list of all the music on a "Spotify" playlist, which is where songs come from in the Earth realm.

Here is a list of the spaces in HEMISPHERES and correlating songs on the playlist: 
1. The Hallway of Your Mindseye - "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
2. The Television Room - "Television" by Lula Wiles
3. The Vision of The White Rabbit - "Not Afraid of the Dark" by JOLENE (feat. Merry Ellen Kirk)
4. The Mirror Room - "Diamond Eyes" by JOLENE & "Blinding Me" by Merry Ellen Kirk
5. The Other Side of the Mirror (the main entrance) - "All Your Life" by Merry Ellen Kirk (album 1, track 1)
6. The Rabbit Hole - "Let It Find You" - Merry Ellen Kirk
7. Lullabies for the In Betweens - "HEMISPHERES || NORTH" EP by Merry Ellen Kirk
8. The In Betweens - "Lay Your Hands on Me" by Merry Ellen Kirk (Peter Gabriel cover)
9. North Sky Vol 1. - John Abernathy (HEMISPHERES // dreamcast)
10. Dark Side - JOLENE
11. Waking Up in the Dream (HEMISPHERES // dreamcast)
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Inky quills; Edgar Allan Poe wrote on both.

What is the difference between a caterpillar and a crocodile?